The highest quality, innovative, and eco-friendly supplement manufacturing

GMP Certified

Our certifications and quality control standards at every stage of the manufacturing process ensure that your products are of the highest quality for your customers.

Your Partners

We will help you grow your business by offering consumer insight into the supplement industry and helping you develop or improve your product lines.


“Our company originally chose Lief because of their willingness to accommodate our start-up needs, and because of their potential production capacity in case of fast growth. We experienced that growth and have stayed with Lief because they consistently produce high quality products, are able to adapt to our unique business model, and are trustworthy when sourcing quality raw materials.”
“There are a few important reasons why we chose Lief to manufacture our products. We met with 3 other companies before we made up our minds. We chose Lief because they gave us a fair price, they were the only one that seemed to know what they were talking about, and it seemed like each individual customer was important to them.”
“When I think about my experience at Lief the word that comes to mind is “Partnership”. The team at Lief is engaged in my success and not just completing an order. I have received valuable advice as well as exceptional product both of which are necessary for a successful business. I believe the culture at Lief Organics is one of commitment to the success of their clients.”