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Lief Labs Founder and CEO, Adel Villalobos – Part Two

About Episode Fourteen: Join our host, Jacob Fishback, as he returns to the studio with Lief’s Founder and CEO, Adel Villalobos, for his exciting part two appearance on Beyond The Supps. Since his appearance on our pilot episode, there have been a lot of changes in the industry. In this episode, Adel discusses the key factors that have changed the industry this year and how navigating these changes has evolved him as an entrepreneur and business owner. You’ll also hear Jacob and Adel share their mindset and thoughts moving into 2021.

Banned Substances Control Group Ft. Oliver Catlin

About Episode Thirteen: Our host, Jacob Fishback, is joined by Oliver Catlin, President and Co-founder of the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG). Oliver gives an in-depth explanation of BSCG and the role it plays in the dietary supplement industry for both brands and contract manufacturers. Oliver also shares advice when it comes to vetting a contract manufacturer, what it means to have a BSCG certification on a product, and more!

Business Development Ft. Michael Courts

About Episode Twelve: Our host, Jacob Fishback, is joined by Lief’s Business Development Project Manager, Michael Courts, to talk about his experience in the dietary supplement industry, shifts in digital marketing, growing through innovation, and much more!

Research and Development Ft. Ryan Jacobs

About Episode Eleven: Our host, Jacob Fishback, is joined by Lief’s Research and Development Lead, Ryan Jacobs, to talk about what goes on behind the scenes in our R&D lab. Ryan shares insight on how he finds the balance between clients’ wants, affordability, and the perfect flavor — as well as what he has learned being the leader of Lief’s R&D team.

Innovative Ingredients Ft. Matt Titlow, CEO of Compound Solutions

About Episode Ten: Our host, Jacob Fishback, is joined by Matt Titlow, CEO of Compound Solutions, to discuss his passion for high-grade raw materials, the development process for new ingredients, and identifying future trends. Matt also shares insight on how he and his team embody their company’s mission to maximize human potential.

Dietary Supplements vs. Pharmaceuticals, Koflex Sports

About Episode Nine: Our host, Jacob Fishback, is joined by Dr. Kofi Abrampah, Owner and Founder of Koflex Sports, to discuss the differences and similarities between Dietary Supplements and Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Kofi explains the various formats used for drugs and supplements as well as their bioavailability. As a nuclear and clinical pharmacist and a medication therapy management specialist, you will also hear Dr. Kofi share insight on some of the incredible work he does and how he came to create his own supplement line.


Pink Stork

About Episode Eight: Our host, Jacob Fishback, sits down with Amy Upchurch, CEO and Founder of Pink Stork, and her husband, Thomas. Amy and Thomas discuss what led to the creation of Pink Stork and the core values that they have instilled in their brand. Throughout the episode, Amy and Thomas also share insight on Pink Stork’s rapid growth, building their team, and the new opportunities they are exploring with their brand.


Supply Chain Management

About Episode Seven: Our host, Jacob Fishback, sits down with Lief Labs’ Director of Supply Chain Management, Jeohvan Montoya. Jeohvan discusses raw material procurement, the importance of planning and adapting, and how he navigates the challenges that come with managing an elaborate supply chain.



About Episode Six: Our host, Jacob Fishback, sits down with two members of the team behind the outdoor-enthusiast supplement brand, TRUWILD, Nathan Cox and Abram Andis. They share the journey and process behind creating TRUWILD, how they found success through a specific niche, and some of their most memorable adventures together.


Dietary Supplement Industry Journey

About Episode Five: Our host, Jacob Fishback, is joined by Lief Labs’ VP of Sales and Business Development, Nathan Cox. Nathan talks about his journey within the dietary supplement industry and business abroad!  Nathan also shares his mentality during the time of COVID-19 and his approach to combat fear.


Trademarked Ingredients ft. NuLiv Science

About Episode Four: Ken Montes, Sales Director at NuLiv Science, joins our host, Jacob Fishback, for a conversation about trademarked ingredients, raw materials and changes in the industry. Ken breaks down the science and data behind trademarked ingredients and how they can help with your overall health, wellness, and fitness goals.


Immune Health

About Episode Three: Our host, Jacob Fishback, sits down with Lief Labs’ Product Development Manager, Meg Ligot, to discuss preventative measures and immune health in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a background in biochemistry, Meg provides her insight on ingredients, supplements and other food alternatives that may help keep you healthy in these uncertain times.


LFTD Lifestyle & EndoCoast

About Episode Two: Our host, Jacob Fishback, sits down with Brenton Simmons, founder of LFTD Lifestyle and EndoCoast, and his business partner, Ryan Tripp. Brenton and Ryan share their stories about building their successful supplement brands, growing their social media presence and more!


Entrepreneurship & Building a Company

About Episode One: Welcome to Beyond The Supps! On our pilot episode, our host, Jacob Fishback, sits down with the Founder and CEO of Lief Labs, Adel Villalobos, as he talks about his experience as an entrepreneur, building a company culture, and more!


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