Introducing Xceleri: Celery Powder With an X Factor

Lief is excited to introduce its new innovative ingredient, Xceleri, offered in two different formulas:

Xceleri combines the renowned benefits of celery juice with the convenience of a powder format. The result is a more practical, affordable, and equally nutritious way for today’s increasingly health-conscious and on-the-go consumer to enjoy celery juice. Offered in two formulations:

With the global juice market’s projected growth rate of 6.20% in 2021*, Xceleri is the answer to providing consumer’s nutrients in a way that aligns with their lifestyles.

Trade the struggle of using a juicer for the ease and convenience of Xceleri.

    ✅   Enchances overall health through detoxification

    ✅   Helps regulate blood flow

    ✅   Supports healthy digestion

    ✅   Helps boost energy

    ✅   Rejuvenates the body inside & out



Download the Xceleri Sales Sheet.


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