Our Team

Chief Executive Officer – Adel Villalobos

Adel was born with a knack for 2 things; science and baseball. He would eventually use baseball as his motivation to attend California State University Northridge, to obtain his degree in Biochemistry and Nutrition. Once enrolled, Adel further realized his passion for science and decided to focus less on his baseball mitt and more on garnering any experience he can get in what was then a relatively new and burgeoning Nutraceutical Industry.

He eventually landed a part time job as a Customer Service Rep with a company called Natrol. It was at Natrol, where the seed of eventually starting his own company was planted. Adel, was eager to learn and was willing to try his hand in various departments at Natrol, from Customer Service to QC Lab Tech to Marketing, Product Development and even Legal. After moving around all the departments at Natrol, Adel knew what his next step needed to be, and that was to try to make it on his own as a leader in an industry that he has grown to love.

In 2008, Adel would eventually go on to start Lief Labs. At the time, equipped with only big dreams and humble beginnings, have now grown into a 60,000 sqft. Contract Manufacturing Facility in Valencia California, just 20 minutes north from his home that he shares with his wife and 2 children.

“I love being a part of the professional and personal growth that happens when you are in the Health Sector.  Our industry attracts great people.  Whether it is our staff or our clients. And I am committed to building great relationships and spreading quality supplements worldwide.”

Vice President of Finance – Victor Leyson

Victor began his career in Finance, working part time for a small boutique accounting firm while obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree at California State University Northridge. Upon completion of his degree, he went on to work at a larger management firm that focused on representing publicly traded companies and The Entertainment Industry, in which he would manage the latter.

His experience managing high maintenance, high net worth individuals, and growing weary of the 8-5 routine, lead to him starting his own small consulting company in 2009 called Leyson Management, with Lief Organics as one of his first clients.

As Lief Organics, grew, so did Victor’s role and what started out as a “part-time” arrangement, gradually turned into full time employment.

“I was fortunate enough to get an early glimpse of Lief’s potential and believed that there was an opportunity to really build something. I enjoyed the flexibility of the consulting life, but missed the energy of being part of a dynamic group. I also felt like, having the chance to manage the intricate finances of a company from its infancy stage would provide an exciting challenge along with even greater opportunities to learn and grow within my career in finance. So, when the time came to discuss full time employment, it felt like the natural decision for me to make.”

Vice President of Sales & Business Development – Nathan Cox

Nathan’s passion for health and fitness started early in life while he was in the fire academy. It was there where he learned the importance of proper supplementation and how it can help maximize training results.

After completing his Bachelors in Communications Advertising from Cal State Fullerton, he started to build some industry experience working in sales for various pharma and manufacturing companies.  Nate quickly discovered that his interests went beyond just the sales side; he wanted to learn how to build and expand a company through sales, business development and innovation.

That is what ultimately lead him to Lief Organics. “I became obsessed with the idea of creating. Seeing a product being sold on a shelf that I was a part of developing became addicting. I took pride in my work and quickly learned every aspect of the industry to accelerate my growth. And I knew that Lief Organics would provide the support and resources to make some of my ideas come to fruition. Seeing products sold worldwide that I played a role in is very rewarding. I will continue my education in the industry so I can be the best asset to my loyal brands. At the end of the day, if our customers succeed then so does Lief Organics”


Financial Advisor– Helder Guimaraes has over 10 years’ experience in Corporate Finance, with vast experience in the energy and technology fields. Specializing in corporate reporting, forecasting, budgets and establishing KPIs, Helder serves as Lief’s financial advisor and sounding board, and works closely with Lief’s Finance Team and Executives to maximize EBIDTA and company profits . Helder is well traveled and can often be found on the beaches of Portugal or out and about in the Canadian Rockies.

Chair of the Advisory Board: Elliott Balbert is a pioneer in the dietary supplement industry. Retired CEO of Natrol, Elliot now spends his time promoting organizations like Vitamin Angels and other philanthropic endeavors. Elliot is most known for bringing Melatonin to the supplement space along with being a leading executive in the health and wellness sectors for the better part of his professional life. As Chair of Lief’s Advisory Board, Elliott’s role is to ensure Lief Organics is strategically positioned to become a leading company in the Nutraceutical Sector.