Full-Service Contract Manufacturer

At Lief Organics, our passion is to collaborate with entrepreneurial firms and help our clients build premier lasting brands. You are not our customer but our partner. Lief Organics offers a complete turn-key solution to all your contract manufacturing needs to better streamline your operation. With the highest quality certifications, talented product development team, and fast turn-around times, Lief Organics guarantees the success of your brand for years to come.

Lief Organics is cGMP certified and FDA registered facility. We are complaint with CFR 111 guidelines and ensure our products are of the highest quality when they leave our facility. Quality is the pride in our company and Lief will always demand the best.

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Our NSF certified facility focuses on three core areas of manufacturing:

Powders – Lief Organics has over 10,000 kilograms of blending capacity making Lief a top producer of powders in the United States. We ensure proper mixing, consistency, and flavor in every batch. We carry multiple blender sizes to maximize the blends and ensure cost savings for the customer. From preworkout to post workout we have helped create formulations for the top brands in our industry. Our flavor profiles have been voted Best Tasting across the globe and continue to develop new innovative flavors daily.

A scoop of chocolate whey isolate protein isolated on white backCapsules – Lief Organics is a global leader in the production of custom capsule formulations. With over 2 million capsules being able to produce daily, Lief can meet your scalability needs. Lief Organics carries both semi and fully automated state-of-the-art encapsulators to ensure the toughest jobs are fulfilled. Lief Organics offers both gelatin and vegetarian capsules and soon will carry USDA organic caps.

CapsulesTablets – Lief Organics offers a wide range of tablet sizes, shapes, and even flavors! With over 1 million tablets produced daily, Lief Organics can surpass meeting your production needs. With experience with a multitude of binders, Lief Organics can make your tablets to your specification to ensure you get the product you want.