Full-Service cGMP Contract Manufacturer of Dietary Supplements, powders, tablets, capsules, chewable, co-packing.

Lief Organics offers the highest quality production of products through our GMP standards at an affordable cost. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and communication for your company to ensure the product you asked for is delivered. Whether a capsule, powder, or tablet project Lief Organics can assist with product development and innovation. The possibilities are endless.

Our passion is to collaborate with entrepreneurial firms and help our clients build premier lasting brands. You are not our customer but our partner. Lief Organics offers a complete turn-key solution to all your contract manufacturing needs to better streamline your operation. With the highest quality certifications, talented product development team, and fast turn-around times; Lief Organics guarantees the success of your brand for years to come.

Lief has formulated over 1000 products for a multitude of dietary supplement categories. Our in-house product development team will work closely with you to develop new & innovative products for your customers.

Lief Organics offers in-house product development and flavoring services to help design the best tasting and most innovative products on the market. With over 15+ years of experience in supplement manufacturing, we have experience in a wide range of categories that can meet or exceed the national brand standards.


  • 7 blenders – ranging from 100kg to 5000kg to support small to mid size runs
  • 10,000+ kg- bulk powder blended daily
  • 2.8 Million Capsules- produced daily on high speed encapsulators.
  • 1.8 Million Tablets- produced on our automatic & semi-automatic machines, and coating pans.
  • 25,000 Capsule Bottles- completed every shift on our automated line.
  • 16,000 Powder Jars- completed on our dual powder packaging line.