Product of the month – AuroraBlue

The Power of Blueberries x10
Due to the harsh growing conditions of the Alaska wilderness, AuroraBlue® has the richest natural profile of nutrients derived from the genus Vaccinium of any berry complex on the market. In fact, it contains up to 10 times the bioactive compounds (including highly prized anthocyanins) and antioxidant capacity measured in products made with wild blueberries and cultivated varieties from lower latitudes. AuroraBlue® is a nutritional powerhouse.

The World’s Most Potent Berry Complex
AuroraBlue® is a proprietary complex of Alaska Vaccinium berry species hand-picked from Alaska rainforests and tundra. The berries are gently dried with Refractance Window® drying technology, which preserves their bioactive constituents. Kosher-certified by the Orthodox Union or Star-K, AuroraBlue® is available as USDA organic-certified, making it appropriate for use in Kosher and organic products.

Health Benefits
Blueberries are one of the most studied fruits on the planet and have shown promise in promoting:

  • Brain and mood
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Blood sugar maintenance
  • Optimal weight
  • Healthy aging


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