Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is marketing that utilizes internet platforms and online digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile devices and other digital media and platforms to promote products, services, campaigns, and messages. As the technological advances and capabilities of companies and customers continues to evolve, it is crucial to understand the latest trends in marketing to ensure your brand is effectively using  its marketing content and online resources.


Voice Search Marketing

About one third of navigation sessions will be conducted without a screen, meaning users are using voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana to find information. To maximize voice search optimization, it is suggested to use a conversational tone and to use a consistent voice to establish a consistent and recognizable brand.

Mobile Advertising

The phones have advanced beyond a tool for communication, and as technology further integrates itself into the norm, companies are starting to use immersive 360º content, vertical videos, and video content to attract the attention of users. Creating unique, engaging content and reducing break times between stimulation can help maintain user interest.

Shoppable Posts

Many business have moved online at the convenience of customers as they are able to browse, shop, and share products easier. Now, business accounts can post photos that allow consumers to shop directly from posts by tagging or labeling products in photos and videos. It is suggested to only label products that appear in your posts so that the content is still relevant to your customers.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

While both augmented and virtual reality use technology to alter users perception of reality, the formats of experience are different. Augmented reality adds digital elements to a live view through a lens or smartphone. Virtual reality typically involves complete immersion into a virtual world. In 2020, it is expected that augmented reality will be more popular than virtual reality with companies launching apps to help users visualize how products can be incorporated into their lives.

Interactive Content

Buyers are demanding more interactivity with a majority preferring visual and interactive content over traditional formats. Interactive content will continue to trend because it is still so different and new for users so it stands out to them. This interest and enjoyment generates more engagement and keeps visitors on the page for longer. The more it is used, the higher potential it carries for virality and increasing brand awareness.


Advergames are a new and unique marketing and communication tool centered around quick video games. Rather than sell a product, the main goal is to entertain the user, which advertises itself and helps generate user loyalty.

Integrated Campaigns

Integrated campaigns utilize several different formats to distribute content. Applying multiple integrated marketing actions can reach different audiences to maximize the impact and efficiency of a campaign.



Storyscaping is meant to develop relationships between the brand and consumer by creating emotional and transactional experiences. By forming those bonds, it leads to interactions so that the brand becomes part of the consumer’s story.


With the popularity and attractiveness of social media, there is a constant stream of new content that is being circulated and shared. Brands often attempt to create viral content to help communicate their message and generate brand awareness in what is called newsjacking. Viraljacking, on the other hand, occurs when a brand links viral content from social media to help promote its own brand or message.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is based on increasing a brand’s ability to encourage customers to perform a specific action by recognizing key locations and solving potential conversion issues on a digital platform such as a website. It is associated with data-based marketing because it analyzes what is happening to determine how to improve the conversion rate.


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