Amazon Updates Requirements for Supplement Marketers

Amazon has recently started requiring sellers of dietary supplements to provide comprehensive testing results and other documentation in order to sell on their site. At Lief, we are aware of these new requirements and are actively working to help our clients that need to provide Amazon with this documentation.

Lief’s Amazon Package

  ✓  Lief Certificate of Analysis (CoA) – Including ISO 17025 Lab documentation

  ✓  Letter of Guarantee

  ✓  Letter of Explanation (if certain active cannot be quantified)

  ✓  Finished Product Specification

  ✓  NSF Certificate and FDA registration number

  ✓  Invoice with corresponding lot number

Next Steps

If you are an Amazon Seller and have been asked to provide additional documentation, our team is here to help. Please reach out to your Sales Representative and provide the Seller Name and the Name of Supplements on Amazon with associated ASIN#.


Read more about the Amazon Seller Requirement update here.



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