Ingredient Spotlight: OLEWS®


What is OLEWS®?

OLEWS® is HealthTech BioActives’ olive leaf extract. Through a unique proprietary process that uses water as the sole solvent, HealthTech BioActives is able to produce a natural and quality powdered extract.

The main phenolic component in olive leaf extract is oleuropein, which is broken down in the digestive system into hydroxytyrosoltol for absorption into the bloodstream. It is responsible for many of the health benefits associated with olive oil and the Mediterranean diet. Due to its stability and bioavailability, oleuropein is considered to be the optimal form for incorporation into foods and nutraceuticals. HealthTech BioActives offers different versions of OLEWS® that are standardized to various oleuropein concentrations ranging from 16 to 32%.


Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract



As a result of HealthTech BioActives’ innovative extraction process, the oleuropein present in the extract is more soluble in water than oleuropein alone. This makes it a healthy addition to:

◉ Tea          ◉ Juices         ◉ Smoothies         ◉ Beverages



Download the OLEWS Brochure.

Learn more about OLEWS® here.


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