Ingredient Spotlight: Cluster Dextrin™

What is Cluster Dextrin™?

Cluster Dextrin™ is a new type of maltodextrin, produced from amylopectin through a cyclization reaction involving a branching enzyme. This results in the following characteristics:

  • Narrow molecular weight distribution
  • High molecular weight
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • High solubility and stability in water
  • Fast Gastric Emptying Time


How is Cluster Dextrin™ made?

Cluster Dextrin™ is manufactured from cornstarch using a branching enzyme. The branching enzyme acts on the joints of the cluster structures of amylopectin and separates them by cyclization. Cluster Dextrin™ maintains the cluster structure that constitutes the basic structural unit of amylopectin.



Sports Nutrition
  • Energy source
  • Flavor enhancement by reducing acidity and bitterness of foods


Drying Aid
  • Spray-drying aid for oxidation-labile oils and water-soluble substances
  • Storage stability for oil-based substances




✔️   Generates few gastrointestinal disorders

✔️   Suppresses inflammatory stress reaction and immune response induced by vigorous exercise

✔️   Hydrates and enhances stamina

✔️   Reduces fatigue during exercise more effectively than maltodextrin


For more information on Cluster Dextrin™, click here.



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