Ingredient Spotlight: FruiteX-B®

Future Ceuticals delivers an ingredient supported by over 10 years of published research and clinical validation. FruiteX-B® is stable, non-toxic, water-soluble and boasts clinically measured bioactivity and bioavailability.


FruiteX-B® is a plant mineral complex that contains the ingredient Calcium Fructoborate. Calcium Fructoborate is a boron-calcium carbohydrate molecule found in fruits, nuts, legumes and vegetables.
FruiteX-B® is available in a vegan powder option.


﹅ Fast acting joint and flex support

﹅ Long lasting joint comfort

﹅ Low-dose and fully saluble

Joint Comfort for Dogs

A study was conducted that tested the effects of Calcium Fructoborate on a group of 64 dogs. The group was randomly assigned 4 treatments. The treatment variables were: a placebo, a low-dosage, a high dosage or a combination treatment of glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate. The results showed that the dogs whom received the low or high dose improved in condition compared to the dogs whom received the placebo.

FruiteX-B® is ideal for nutraceutical and functional food products like capsules, tablets, gummies, gels, shots, drinks and ready-to-mix beverages.
FruiteX-B® provides opportunities for new and effective joint flexibility, joint health, bone health, and active lifestyle products.

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