Ingredient Spotlight: Neumentix™

With long lasting benefits such as improved focus and reaction, Kemin has formulated an ingredient that adheres to the consumer demand for both cognitive and physical enhancement.

Ingredient Breakdown

Neumentix™ is a water-extracted natural ingredient sourced from spearmint that is selectively bred to be high in polyphenols such as rosmarinic acid.

Kemin developed Neumentix™ from patented, non-GMO, spearmint plant lines. These plants are grown on family farms in the USA in accordance with good agricultural and sustainable farming practices. In fact, Kemin’s spearmint lines are the first spearmint to be certified sustainably grown in the USA.

These special plants serve as the source for this innovative dietary ingredient. A patented drying technology, followed by a gentle water-extraction method, preserves and maintains the more than 50 natural phenolic constituents in the plant. The resulting extract is dried and undergoes rigorous quality testing prior to release.


▸ Reduces Oxidative Stress

▸ Protects Neurons in the Brain

▸ Increases Neurotransmitter Levels

▸ Promotes New Neuron Growth

The Gamer Opportunity

The gaming population has become increasingly interested in cognitive enhancements in an effort to gain a competitive edge, whether they play professionally or just for fun. To give gamers an even greater advantage, Neumentix™ also improves reaction performance. 
Neumentix™ is a natural, safe and non-stimulant nootropic solution for the increasing number of consumers who seek quality and well-tolerated ingredients.

More on Neumentix™


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