Our Seamless Partnership with Vitamin Angels

Last week, Lief’s leadership team celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Vitamin Angels during the Natural Products Expo West industry conference at Disney California Adventure Park.

Lief proudly sponsors and fully supports Vitamin Angels’ mission to provide life saving vitamins to mothers and children who are at risk of malnutrition.

“We were happy to be able to join the 25th Anniversary celebration and wish Vitamin Angels continued success for many years to come,” said Adel Villalobos, CEO and Founder of Lief.

Our similar vision of a healthier world binds us together as a company and organization in promoting health and wellness across the globe.

Howard Schiffer, Vitamin Angels’ Founder and President/CEO said, “Together, we have built a global movement that is changing lives every day.”

In every vitamin provided by Vitamin Angels is a reduction of the risk of preventable illnesses, blindness, and death by providing nutrients that fight against malnutrition – the leading cause of children deaths all over the world.

“…[We all] share one world, one human experience…under that sky we share cities and villages… and under that same sky these moms and dads share one dream: that their children will be healthy and safe and be able to receive an education…” said Schiffer.


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