Time to Set a New Personal Record: Sports Nutrition is a Growing Sector in the Supplement Industry

Overall Growth

Sports nutrition itself only accounts for a small percentage of the overall supplement industry, but it still packs a punch. Over the span of a decade, sports nutrition sales increased almost 200% world wide and is on pace to become a 20 billion dollar industry.

New Competitors 

Sports nutrition targets optimal performance with a majority of its sales products centered around protein – and everyone needs protein! Right now, the United States dominates in sports nutrition sales but, sales in Asian markets are expanding at a rapid rate and are poised to become global leaders in the sports supplement industry.

Amazon Prime Ready

With a worldwide rise in e-commerce, Amazon is a top platform used for selling products. It has opened its doors as a storefront for health supplement companies allowing Lief Labs to be a prime ready Amazon supplement and nutraceutical manufacturer.

Where Lief Fits In

In response to these changes, Lief Labs is your go-to sports nutrition manufacturer able to handle all of your product needs. Lief specifically works with Amazon in making sure your products are Amazon prime ready which includes Amazon’s strict requirements regarding documentation, shipping and formulations.



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